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Zero Waste Fail- Or is it?

One of the dogs threw up today- and, I mean, THREW UP. It was at this exact moment that I had a mini panic attack- not because it was on my new rug, not because I had to clean it up, not because it was gross- because I had no paper towels! 

Here I am, on my zero waste journey. I have happily toiled away at my sewing machine making cute unpaper towels, snack and produce bags, knitted and crocheted scrubbers for the sink and the bathroom, made reusable face rounds- I mean, I have been WORKING this zero waste thing. I am blogging, I am planning a podcast....Heck, I own a zero waste business now!!! But there I was, freaking out wondering how I was going to clean up this mess.

My unpaper towels are SO CUTE! I can't clean up.... oh I can't even say it. They will be ruined! Maybe a spoon, and carry it in small spoonable bits to the garbage? Why don't I have any paper towels!!!!! And there it was- the epiphany for today.... I have other towels, yucky old hand towels, car washing towels, I can use them. That's what I have read other, advanced eco-friendly folks do... you know, the ones who have beautiful and perfect homes and publish their amazing lives on YouTube or on their Blog or whatever.... I can do that! And so I did.

  • The rug was not ruined. (Yay Vermont Soap Castile!)
  • The pupper dog is doing well. (Yay doggo!)
  • The icky, yucky towels went into the wash and guess what? They are ok too! (Yay Liquid Sunshine!)
  • I did not do the spoon relay of vomit - who DOES that?!?

So, here's the lesson:

This is MY zero waste journey.... and a journey it is. I write it on my instagram, on the store website, in the Facebook community group for Zilch Project- it's a journey because it's a process! Small steps, big impact. Today I did it without any paper products and it worked out. 

Is it awful if I keep a roll of paper towels under the sink for times when there is a greasy icky awful I can't even think about it mess that is too gross to even put in my washing machine? I promise not to use them every day. I promise I will save them for only the worst moments.... Is it bad? I don't think so.

I think all of the things that I have done, that I am doing are huge! Every time I say "I have my own bag" and whip out my Chico Bag or my Zilch Tote I glow with pride. No plastic please! "Do you need a receipt?" No ma'am I do not! Do not print that plastic-coated paper, I am GOOD! I have had lovely conversations with the barista at Starbucks and at my local cafe about my JoCo Cups, how cute they are, how nice the drink looks in there... I have my kiddos taking their lunches in my snack bags that I sewed- with my machine!! That, my friends is progress. I have posted enough images on FB and Insta to show the impact that just ONE reusable bag has on the environment. I am making headway and I continue to grow on this journey.

I am still having conversations with myself about how far I will go- Extremism in any direction can be bad. "Hey, what about reusable toilet paper? You going to carry that in your shop? Hahaha" Really? Best joke you can come up with friends? Never heard it before!!

This blog, this store, this journey is for the perfectly imperfect in all of us. It's for those of us who want to do better in the middle of our otherwise busy, crazy, typical lives. There will be success. There will be frustration. There will be questions and there will be learning. But, we can do it together! Any amount of progress is still a step forward and an epic fail, even a small one helps you to see what you can do differently and what you can't do differently. So, here we go on this journey, together. 

OMG, I think I hear the dog again- One-Two-Three NOT IT!!!!!


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