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Our First 2 Week Challenge Group - And It's FREE!

Change is hard.

Let's face it. Our daily grind moves us to lean toward convenience even if our conscience tells us otherwise. Every goal we set for ourselves seems easier if we work toward it with support from others.

I am offering a 2 week challenge to any and all who are interested in seeing how many convenient/single use items they use in their daily grind, evaluate where they are comfortable making change and implementing small steps. This is a no-risk way to reduce your impact on the environment and make a difference in the world around you 

Here's the thing, reducing your WASTE is actually easier than reducing your waist! Isn't that the goal most people choose to start the new year? Why not choose to live more simply, to slow down where you can and make an impact on yourself and the environment?

Sound interesting? Go to www.22s.com/zilchproject (copy and paste into your browser) and you will be enrolled in our challenge group.

  • Group launch is January 7th

  • www.22s.com/zilchproject  

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