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Normal People Can Reduce Their Waste!

In the past reducing waste, thinking about your footprint in a way other than how it will look in a great pair of shoes, these were things left to hippies, tree huggers and any other broad generalized name you can think of for people who were thought to live in a commune and dance around celebrating the solstice. Who are those people really? Here's the thing. Normal is relative. What is "normal" really? I'm normal. My friends are normal. YOU are normal - that's right, I  said it... You are normal. 

As I continue this journey and talk to people about reducing waste or changing your lifestyle to reduce the use of plastics or single use items I find that people think it is intimidating. It's hard, it's weird, it's time consuming..... but guess what? So is working out. So is running a marathon. So is building a house. So is running a business. Still, "normal" people do these things every day. It's all in how you look at it and what becomes comfortable for you. Now don't get me wrong, I can't build a house, at least, not today. But I could learn. Am I willing to learn? Why not! Learning new things and seeing things from new perspectives keeps our minds working, keeps us sharp and alive. 

So do you know what that means? You can learn new things too- you can make some very simple changes- little ones. As they get more and more comfortable you won't even think about them- you just do them. Remember when no one had more than one garbage bag in their kitchen? Now most people have a recycle bin and a garbage. Most waste companies supply garbage and recycling bins- WE don't think about it, we have come to expect it and many of us think it's weird when there aren't two bins. Making changes in your lifestyle are no different.

Years ago I started with grocery bags. I keep them in my car, in the trunk and it's weird if I don't have them with me. This past  year I added small bags to keep in my purse. I use them all the time, and I get this weird sense of satisfaction when I do. Do people look at me weird? Sometimes, but most often they comment saying they wish they were that prepared or remembered to have things with them so they didn't have to take a plastic bag. The same is true when I bring my own cup/mug to cafes and such- The looks and comments I get don't relegate me to hiding in the corner. Usually the comments garner admiration.

So, why ramble about this normal people business? 

Because that's just it- I started this business for normal people. People like you and me and my neighbor and my best friend who gloats about her gluten intake. See if things are fun, convenient and put out there in a way that seems manageable and makes sense then people are more likely to buy them, use them, follow the practices, do the things.... all the things. So take a few minutes and think about what would make you more likely to start the journey toward reducing your waste, being prepared, always having bags or cups or straws.... then browse the shop. Have questions? Drop me a line. Remember, I am a work in progress, learning as I go - just like you.  

Let's get started!~

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