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Pouty Faces and Judgy Eyes....But Why?

I gave gifts to my staff today at school- As I shopped and wrapped I was definitely more mindful than I have ever been about what I wrap with, what I purchase etc but if there was something I loved wrapped in plastic, I still bought it. I love finding just the right thing for people and seeing their reaction. Some of the gifts I made myself and some were things from the store. Either way I was happy to see them happy.

My daughter and I were doing some last minute shopping the other day and she said she was worried I wouldn't like what she got for me. "Why not?" I asked. "Plastic" she said. "It's great but I am afraid you won't like it because of the way it comes.... That got me to thinking....

As I float around the inter-webs looking for information to increase my knowledge base about sustainability, zero waste etc  I find that there are 2 very different types of resources. (Really, that is true in almost every set of beliefs and opinions) ... the one that I just don't understand is the angry, harsh and often judgmental "do it or else" mentality. Often it's wrapped in guilt or scare tactics. I just don't get it. Why? 

More important to me... am I putting out that vibe? Is it out there so much that my 16 year old is afraid I won't like what she thoughtfully chose for me for Christmas? I sure hope not! As I build this business and the ZILCH PROJECT learning community I realize where my "space" is. I am not an extremist. I am a regular lady... a mom, a wife, a crunchy granola girl who likes to make things and feels good using my own bags, cups etc and taking steps to make small changes in my life and my family's life.

After being in education for 20 years and reflecting on my own 45 years on the planet there have been plenty of opportunities for doing something because someone "said so" or doing something because I was afraid of the consequences if I didn't, but none of that led to habits or lasting action.  I will never be that lady- you know, the one who looks at your gifts, your clothes, your lunch bag or whatever and gives you the stink-eye because of your choices. I will never be the judgy one who wonders why you aren't recycling more and wasting less, who tells you if you don't dive in with both feet into this zero waste thing that you don't care about yourself, the planet, the ocean, the children and any other marginalized group I can think of to guilt you into making a change.

You see, those changes aren't sustainable. Those changes are made out of coercion or shame. They don't stick. You know what does stick? Reflection and looking at your life, your daily shuffle and seeing what works FOR YOU. Guess what? It might not work for me or the neighbor, or the chick drinking a latte with judgy eyes and a pouty face but WHO CARES??? If it works FOR YOU and makes you feel good about the step you are taking toward a goal then IT WILL STICK and you will be more likely to add another step to your life and your shuffle. 

SO- Here is who I will be:

  • I will be the friend who helps you with ideas.
  • I will be the person who offers support and suggestions.
  • I will be the person who says ATTA BOY/GIRL when you feel great about taking small steps toward your goal.
  • I will be the person who curates items in my shop to help you reach your goals.
  • I will be the person who swears because change is hard sometimes.
  • I will be the person who celebrates the small successes.
  • I will be your coach, mentor, person a step ahead who still gets frustrated now and then.
  • I will be drinking a latte in my reusable mug with FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE EYES! No judgy no pouty.

Go out, be merry, think about your GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR and don't let the doubty, judgy extremists get you down. You have a tribe here in the ZILCH PROJECT~

Latte anyone? 


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