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Zilch Project- Living your best life and other stories.

  • Normal People Can Reduce Their Waste!

    So, why ramble about this normal people business? 

    Because that's just it- I started this business for normal people. People like you and me and my neighbor and my best friend who gloats about her gluten intake. See if things are fun, convenient and put out there in a way that seems manageable and makes sense then people are more likely to buy them, use them, follow the practices, do the things.... all the things. So take a few minutes and think about what would make you more likely to start the journey toward reducing your waste, being prepared, always having bags or cups or straws....

  • Our First 2 Week Challenge Group - And It's FREE!

    Let's face it. Our daily grind moves us to lean toward convenience even if our conscience tells us otherwise. Every goal we set for ourselves seems easier if we work toward it with support from others.
  • Pouty Faces and Judgy Eyes....But Why?

    You see, those changes aren't sustainable. Those changes are made out of coercion or shame. They don't stick. You know what does stick? Reflection and looking at your life, your daily shuffle and seeing what works FOR YOU. Guess what? It might not work for me or the neighbor, or the chick drinking a latte with judgy eyes and a pouty face but WHO CARES??? If it works FOR YOU and makes you feel good about the step you are taking toward a goal then IT WILL STICK and you will be more likely to add another step to your life and your shuffle. 
  • Zero Waste Fail- Or is it?

    Is it awful if I keep a roll of paper towels under the sink for times when there is a greasy icky awful I can't even think about it mess that is too gross to even put in my washing machine? I promise not to use them every day. I promise I will save them for only the worst moments.... Is it bad? I don't think so.
  • Starting My Process - this zero waste thing....

    So, where is there still room for improvement? Lots of places. This journey, for me- and for you.... should be about small steps in ways that are manageable and make sense.

  • Castile Craze - Why I love it ALL over my home.

    Holy Moly friends- Now that I have tried it there is no turning back! I use it EVERYWHERE!
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